About Us

To say we’re animal lovers is a huge understatement!  We’ve adopted, rescued, bought from breeders, had gift animals given to us, and had little puppy births.  Dogs, cats fish, birds and we love and care for them all. Even George the Hermit Crab! There are too many stories to tell but this will give you a feel for our space.

Being a past student of the Animal Behavior College and employee of a local pet sitting & walking company we gained the knowledge and techniques we needed to give our animal family the kind of care and training that they love and deserve, and we even won a class award for one of our female German Shepherds named Brandy.

Our crazy menagerie has given us the pleasure of sharing our home with Chihuahuas, a Border Collie, three German Shepherds, a Mama Spitz with her litter, three Dachshunds, a Black Doberman, a Jack Russell terrier, an English Yellow Lab (current).  We’ve fostered rescue dogs – one a female Labrador cross-breed from the back streets of Mexico City (named Sweetie!). We’ve had a variety of cats, one of our favorites was a Calico cat with a black mark on her nostril, - we named her Booger!

Part of our profits go to an organization in our area named Operation Kindness, the largest non-profit no-kill animal shelter in North Texas.  A place that cares for homeless cats and dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into responsible homes and advocates humane values and behavior.

Our aim is to offer the kinds of products that reflect our many experiences and affection for animals.  Our pets are not just pets. They’re family.