Routine - Not Just For Humans

Hey y’all, Sarah here. Let’s talk about routines.

Whether you have a regular commute job or you’re working at home, - do you have a morning or daily routine you follow?  Because your pet notices!  Ever see him or her watching your every move to figure out what they’re supposed to do? 

I’ll concentrate on doggies for now.  They thrive on routines to clue them in on what to expect and when.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and the way they feel about the world around them depends on how happy they are in their environment.  These lovable characters just want to please you and get those wonderful scritches and scratches.

That being said, it’s really more than sticking to a strict routine.  It’s more about structure.

  • Dogs like to go to the toilet as soon as they wake up, so go outside for a potty break as soon as possible after you get up.
  • Feed your doggie a high quality diet at roughly the same time(s) every day.  Some folks find the best schedule for adult dogs is morning and evening.  Puppies like to eat about 3 times a day.  
  • Leaving food out for dogs all day long can gradually lead to weight gain or cause dogs to overeat. Establishing routine feeding times can help pet parents from overfeeding. 
  • Since eating stimulates the digestive tract, take them to the bathroom after eating.
  • Walking – this is another area where structure is more important than a strict routine.  Do you walk following a meal?  Feeding may not be at a particular time on the dot, so mix up the time a bit.  Go outside through a different door, and change the walking route a little each day.  Give them new sights and smells once in a while!

Your dog needs structure in that you always return home, but not to become anxious if you don't walk in the door at exactly 5:30 pm.

With time your doggo will feel safe and secure with a structured day, and won't get anxious if their schedule is a bit different from day to day.  Making small adjustments to the timing of schedules or adding variations to a dog’s routine starting at an early age will work wonders!

All the best and hope this is useful to you!